Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We Need Your Photo Memories!

Greetings and Happy New Year!

As part of our Disney Thanksgiving Parade of Bands tour package, we will be receiving a professionally produced DVD of photo images from the trip.  However, we need YOUR camera pictures to make this happen.  Here's how to help:

Please collect pictures from your phone, camera, etc. give them each a unique file name (for instance - bill at castle1.jpg, or simply WMPic1.jpg).  If you simply call your picture "photo.jpg" it will get lost and rewritten over by the next person who submits the same image name.

Attach your images to an email and send it to: dgnflorida_vgj3 (at sign) (edited to reduce spam)

You can send several emails or send multiple files within one email (up to the limit of your service provider). It's probably best not to send TOO many files in one email.

If you're moderately tech savy, you can also combine several pictures in a .zip file and attach that to an email.

We would like to have all pictures send to the above email address by Tuesday, January 15th.

Thanks in advance for your help!  The more pictures we get, the better this memento from our trip will be!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ahead of Schedule: We are 1 Hour From DGN

Unless we encounter an unexpected traffic jam, arrival is now estimated to be 5:40-5:45 pm.

As students disembark from coaches, our volunteer loading/unloading crew will help pull instruments and bags to the curb. Students should return all school owned instruments, and larger personal instruments to the band room before departing for home.

Stay tuned for further instructions about uniform return. We hope to get that info out to families within 24 hours. Students do not need to bring them back to school tomorrow (Monday) but they may if it is convenient.

Estimated Time of Arrival

We have just departed our lunch stop. We will make one more driver change/rest stop in Champaign, IL at 3:15 pm. We believe this will put us at DGN between 6 and 6:15 pm. We are NOT going to stop for dinner on the road.

When you come to pick up your child, please do not block the curbs on the east side of the new Prince St. lot. Thank you.

Breakfast Stop

Parents, as of 6:30 am we are just south of Nashville and having breakfast.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks Chaperones!

A big shout-out to the staff Chaperone Team for giving up time with their families this Thanksgiving weekend in support of the DGN Band students. We couldn't have done it without you!

Thank You Peoria Charter

Our band students and faculty extend our thanks to the staff of Peoria Charter for their support and assistance getting us around Orlando during the tour!

Grand Finale: Images from Saturday

Our final day of the tour provided great memories set within the context of beautiful weather and the "Magic of Disney." After checking out of the hotel the band returned to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Highlights included the Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, the Rockin' Roller Coaster, Star Tours, the Indiana Jones Stunt Show (in which Mr. Teague was picked to be an "extra"), the Lights-Camera-Action Stunt Show, and the iconic Disney evening spectacular: Fantasmic.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Images from Friday

Reasons I’m Thankful to work with the DGN Band

Having the opportunity to be a part of the DGN Band’s performance yesterday, on Thanksgiving, caused me to take stock in a number of things I’m particularly ‘thankful’ for.  They include …

The opportunity to work with an amazing group of young adults who pour their hearts and souls into their music.

The opportunity to lead students who care about their school, and perpetuating the school’s reputation for excellence.

The opportunity to teach in a community that is filled with incredibly supportive parents and guardians, many of who dedicate countless volunteer hours to assist our Fine Arts programs at North High.

A Board of Education (District 99) and Administration (D99 and DGN) that value the importance of expanding the boundaries of a traditional classroom, and support Educational Travel for our student musicians.

The opportunity to collaborate with a tremendously dedicated chaperone team, all who were willing to give up time with their families on an important holiday – in order to support the students of the DGN Band.  And a special shout-out to Mr. Miller, who served as the lead-planner for this particular tour.

The spouses, children, parents and other family members of our chaperones, who supported this tour and the invitation for our Band to perform in the 2012 Walt Disney World Thanksgiving Parade of Bands, even though it meant time away from home and family. 

Parents, you should be incredibly proud of your children.  Not only have they been tremendous music ambassadors for our community, they have been polite, considerate, and well-mannered throughout the course of our tour thus far.  Even when through the most exhausting phase of the performance tour, it has been amazing to see the work ethic, responsibility and spirit that are synonymous with ‘DGN Bands.’   

- Brayer Teague

Ladies & Gentlemen, Please Enjoy Your Day At The Magic Kingdom!

Reminder: When viewing photos on our tour blog - you may see higher resolution versions simply by clicking on the thumbnail that appears on the blog post.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chaperone Team Rocks Out

Sometimes the chaperones have to blow off a little steam ...

Mr. Turkey!

A DGN Band Thanksgiving tradition ...

YouTube Video

Thanksgiving Dinner with Mickey Mouse

Click on thumbnails for higher resolution images.

Congratulations DGN Band!

Congratulations to the Trojan Marching Band on an absolutely incredible performance this afternoon at the Disney World Thanksgiving Parade of Bands.

The entire DGN community can and should be proud of the band for their tremendous musicianship and performance as Honorary Cast Members.

Happy Birthday Katie!

Happy Birthday to you!

Rehearsal Video

Enjoy a teaser from today's big show.

YouTube Video

Early Thanksgiving Morning Rehearsal @ Disney

While many are sleeping in this morning, the members of the Trojan Marching Band have been hard at work since 3:45 am, preparing for the Walt Disney World Thanksgiving Parade of Bands.

The band is about to finish their rehearsal in Hollywood Studios with the internationally acclaimed Boston Brass. Breakfast comes next, followed by a couple of hours for the band members to enjoy the park before this afternoon's performance in front of an audience that is predicted to be in the tens of thousands.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to vote for your favorite Bus Lip Dub Video

We have created a poll on Facebook that will allow anyone 'following' our tour on Facebook to vote for their favorite Bus Lip Dub video.  

Thanksgiving Eve Rehearsal

After checking into the beautiful Rosen Center Hotel, students and staff met members of the other participating bands for dinner.

Thanksgiving Eve was spent in a rigorous rehearsal preparing for tomorrow's big performance.